This game audio system was made for and in collaboration with developers. We flipped the process on its head so that you no longer have to deal with “paying per”. Instead, we use modules to create comprehensive audio scapes based on each element of your game.


Our modules are organized by phase to meet your team where and when you need us.

  • 1) Discover - figuring out the pieces that will tell the right story
  • 2) Create - making & refining audio files to hit each milestone
  • 3) Implement - placing final audio into the engine

We are your one-stop for everything audio & music. Our simple and transparent system is formulated from a percentage of your total budget. Our goal is to make exceptional audio accessible for your indie or mid-level team.

Use this tool to determine what's right for you.

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Enter Development Budget

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Pricing Per Module

1 Discover
2 Create
3 Implement
A Interface
B Level
C Character
D Cinematic
E Promotion

Enter Development Budget Above

Pick what's right for you.

No revision limit - we'll just make it sound great.

Phase Bundle

1.5% of total development budget
8% of total development budget
4% of total development budget

Enter Development Budget Above

Often times, it’s better to tackle all elements in a phase.

Choose the phase you’re at and we’ll jump in with you.

Premium Bundle

12% of total development budget

Enter Development Budget Above

Many teams find it best to have a total audio team at hand.

From day one to launch, no matter what happens, we’ve got your back.

The Unlock System was developed by Elliot Callighan. Get in Touch.

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